Hillingdon Weekly Challenges

Hewens Primary School will be taking part in the Summer Hillingdon Weekly Physical Challenges as the children had so much fun getting involved in the challenges last year. These challenges will allow children to get active, have fun, improve health, engage new audiences and increase motivation.

The Physical Education (PE) Co-ordinator will provide your teachers with instructions of what you need to do each week. Your teachers will show this video in class. These challenges will be done in school and all scores will be recorded by your teachers by Thursday, the following week.

Please see the schedule below for all upcoming challenges.

Week Challenge Launch Date Link
Week 2 Super Slalom Run Friday 20th May Link
Week 3 Socks in the Box Friday 27th May Link
Week 4 Squat Jumps Friday 10th June Link
Week 5 Fast Feet Friday 17th June Link
Week 6 Air Balloon Friday 24th June  
Week 7 Obstacle Course Friday 1st July  
Week 8 Plank Challenge  Friday 8th July  

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