Creating a Volcanic Eruption in Year 4 18/10/21

Linked to our Geography topic ‘Volcanoes and Earthquakes’, the children in Year 4 have been buzzing with excitement during their Design and Technology (DT) lessons over the past few weeks as they have had to design, build and paint their model volcanoes. As always, the children exhibited a culture of creativity and demonstrated sheer artistry in producing magnificent and vibrant volcanoes. They also had a chance to combine some interesting ingredients together to create a chemical reaction, and witness their vibrant, violent volcanoes erupt before their eyes! 

Not only did this activity engage the children and enrich their learning, but it developed their understanding of scientific concepts and provided them with yet another stimulating DT lesson with one child in particular proclaiming: “This is the best DT lesson ever!” How exciting this term has been for them!

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