Hewens Primary Eisteddfod Alliance Challenge 26/07/21

Last week, Hewens Primary School hosted an Alliance competition called The Eisteddfod Challenge; which is a competitive festival of poetry, singing and dancing, originating from Wales. Teachers and children assembled into their Alliance groups, namely: Aldrin, Columbus, Garrett-Anderson and MacArthur with the aim of showcasing their artistic flare. The week began with an Alliance and cheerleading parade in the quad. To our surprise, we had a visit from a renowned astronaut, none other than the headteacher disguised as Buzz Aldrin!

Day 1 of The Eisteddfod Challenge was dedicated to poetry. The children were tasked with stringing words together using creativity to wow the three judges on the panel. The results after the first day saw Columbus securing 1st place, closely followed by Aldrin and Garrett-Anderson in 2nd and MacArthur in 3rd place.

For the second day of The Eisteddfod Challenge, children were required to sing within a choir, demonstrating stage presence, clarity and enunciation. The children showed boundless courage
and talent to perform in front of the whole school! The second day of the Eisteddfod Challenge witnessed Garrett-Anderson overtaking Columbus with Aldrin placing 3rd and MacArthur in 4th place.

Day 3 of The Eisteddfod Challenge saw children showcasing their synchronised, choreographed dance moves. The energy within the quad was immense with children, including the teachers, dancing along to numerous rhythmic and cultural songs! The results of day 3 remained the same as the previous day. This meant that Garrett-Anderson were champions of the Eisteddfod challenge with Columbus 2nd, Aldrin 3rd and MacArthur 4th. The Alliance challenge was a huge success and one that we are looking forward to hosting again next school year!

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