Science Inventions – Watch this Space! 29/03/21

During British Science Week, each class was tasked to create a future invention as a project based on futuristic themes.

Early Years – Future of Sea-ships and Boats
Year 1 – Future of Cars, Motorbikes, Trains and Planes
Year 2 – Future of Space Travel
Year 3 – Future of Energy
Year 4 – Future of Information Technology
Year 5 – Future of Medicine
Year 6 – Future of Robotics

Teamwork was the order of the day and the children had to draft a plan of their inventions which included information that explained what it is, how it worked and who it was for. To our surprise, the children assumed the role of inventors and utilised their Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills to ensure that their inventions were fit for purpose during this current pandemic. All the classes did extremely well and we were all amused by the Year 5 invention of ‘Hew-Bot’ which was a special robot created to identify and respond to the medical needs of children and would eventually replace the Welfare Staff in the near future! Well done to all the classes for going above and beyond in ensuring that it was a rich learning experience for all pupils.

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