NSPCC Number Day 15/02/21

On Friday 5th February, the children across year groups participated in NSPCC Number Day under the theme ‘Maths is Everywhere!’ Some children came into school wearing an item of clothing with numbers and calculations printed on it whilst others represented a ‘walking calculator’. There were various activities planned and each year group focused on a different area in support of the theme.

Nursery and Reception sang number songs and number nursery rhymes. The children also participated in various free flow group activities which required them to investigate and play with numbers. One of the most engaging moments was watching them going fishing for numbers and matching number locks with the corresponding keys.

Year 1 focused on ‘Maths in Travel’. They played a board game entitled ‘Double Decker School Bus Ride’ which involved simple additions. The children also discussed why numbers are on the buses, bus routes they know and the number bus they ride on whilst travelling to school.

Year 2 explored ‘Maths in Food’. Their task was to make chocolate cupcakes. The children read a recipe and measured the ingredients whilst focusing on the weight and capacity using the correct maths vocabulary words.

Year 3 looked at ‘Maths in Money’. The children who are learning remotely and face to face dressed up representing the British coins and notes. They solved various mathematical problems involving money to consolidate their learning since they had recently covered the topic. In the afternoon, they enjoyed an exciting game of Monopoly which involved the use of money.

Year 4 explored ‘Maths in Sport’. The children had to complete various multiplication tasks then use their athletic skills such as running, jumping and throwing to compete against each other and win the games played.

Year 5 investigated ‘Maths in Weather’. The children looked at climate graphs for London and compared the weather to different countries of the world.

Year 6 went on a journey in space with the aim of measuring time. The children went on a quest to explore different planets by working out the distance, speed and time travelled as they tried to get to Earth safely in groups named: Saturn Surfers, Mercury Martians, Venus Vikings and Cosmic Crusaders.



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