Bunker Exploration 18/07/22

On Tuesday 28th June, the Year 6 pupils visited the Battle of Britain Bunker in Uxbridge.  All pupils had the opportunity to visit the exhibition and visitor centre as well as descent into the underground bunker itself which was used throughout the Battle of Britain during World War II.

Pupils learnt about the key moments of history that shaped Britain’s air defence and led to the construction of the Bunker. They saw real artefacts including aircraft wreckage, uniforms, and telecommunications equipment used by the RAF to defend the nation. They also experienced for themselves the pressures, complexity and fun of working in the bunker with the hands-on, audio-visual interactive activities within the exhibition.  Within the bunker itself, the children were able to see the Operations Room for No. 11 Group (Fighter Command) during the Second World War and learnt about the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force, and ‘Women in the Bunker’. 

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their visit and gained valuable insight of World War II, where teamwork was the core value in the six long years of war effort!

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