Exceptional Leave in Term Time - A Message from the Headteacher

Applications for exceptional leave during term time will not be authorised during the new school year. Once again, our school’s attendance rate for 2018-2019 has fallen below the national expectation of 96%. In line with the Department for Education and London Borough of Hillingdon guidelines, I am keen to optimise the learning opportunities for all children. There are 175 days per year allocated for school holiday & family activities. In the disappointing event that you elect to pursue your travel plans, I will have no alternative but to refer this matter to the Participation Team at the London Borough of Hillingdon. The Participation Team may issue a Penalty Notice to parents, stepparents or carers for unauthorised leave. Payment within 21 days of receiving the notice is £60.00. You will have a further 7 days to pay at the higher rate of £120.00. This payment is per adult per child. Failure to pay will result in a prosecution at Uxbridge Magistrates Court, for the original offence of unauthorised absence from school.

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