Law on Electric Scooters

Hillingdon Council has received numerous reports of electric scooters being used across the borough. As such, the School Travel and Road Safety team has issued guidance for parents, guardians and carers regarding the legality of using electric scooters in the UK.

Electric scooters, segways, hoverboards and a number of other ‘powered transporters’ are considered to be ‘motor vehicles’ and are therefore subject to the same legal requirements that apply to cars – tax, insurance and licensing.

Such vehicles are illegal to use on the road and in most public spaces unless they conform to the law; they are also prohibited from being used on cycle tracks, cycle lanes, and other spaces dedicated to pedal cycle use only.

Those who do not comply with the relevant Road Traffic Legislation may face potential prosecution and any offence may result in having to pay a fixed penalty fine.

As such, the School requests that children do not use any of the modes of transport listed above, particularly as means of commuting to school.

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