Emerging TikTok Trend

It has come to our attention that a new trend is currently emerging on TikTok.

TikTok users are conspiring to encourage children to disclose their remote learning login details via the video-sharing platform in attempt to infiltrate virtual classrooms. They identify potential victims, targeting pupils for access to their login details in order to intrude into lessons, film disruptions and then post it on TikTok.

We are aware of the propensity for children to share their login details with others and that such children are oblivious to the implications of sharing such credentials. Thus, please communicate with your child regularly about the importance of keeping passwords private.

As smartphones, computers and the internet are a fundamental part of modern life, it is crucial to monitor what your child is sharing and to encourage them to be extremely cautious online. Security must be a top priority at all times. Please reiterate the danger of sharing passwords as pupils will be held accountable if their accounts are compromised.

For more information, please visit for guidance on ‘What Parents Need to Know about TikTok’.

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