Booster Clubs

Booster sessions have started as of Wednesday 11th November and will be ongoing throughout the course of the term. Children have been invited by their teacher to attend these booster sessions in order to help develop their understanding and knowledge in English or Mathematics. English boosters will take place on Wednesdays each week whilst Mathematics boosters will take place on Thursdays. Please ensure that you adhere to the staggered end times for each year group so as not to cause a congestion at the School gate. If you have any questions, please speak with the School Office.

Year Group 

Pick-up Times 

Year 1 

4:15pm (Point 2) 

Year 2 

4:00pm (Point 3) 

Year 3 

4:15pm (Point 3) 

Year 4 

4:30pm (Point 3) 

Year 5 

3:15pm (Point 1) 

Year 6 

4:00pm (Point 1) 


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