Blossom Class Make Use Of Their Senses 26/01/15

The topic ‘Senses’ has been a great way to encourage the children in Blossom Class to explore the carefully prepared areas of the classroom environment using different approaches. The children were very excited to be challenged with their sense of smell in the water area, as an aroma of coffee drifted through Blossom Class.
The trip to the Life Bus certainly inspired the children to reflect on their health and senses; they were able to use their sense of touch to recognise the different letters made out of braille and to test their skills of recognition without the use of their sight. If concerned that their senses are not working, members of Blossom Class can pop into the ‘Doctors Surgery’ or ‘Opticians’ to have a very thorough health or sight check by our aspiring future doctors. Harold the Giraffe, who ‘lives’ on the Life Bus, would be very proud of Blossom Class!

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