Design and Technology - Years 2 and 4 26/10/20

In Geography this half term, Year 2 have been investigating: if buildings in Uxbridge could speak, what would they say? In Design and Technology, the children looked at Uxbridge’s Grand Union Canal and thought of ways to improve the area. They first understood what materials are used to construct buildings and then they designed and created their own, new and improved version of Uxbridge’s Grand Union Canal. 

Year 4 have been learning about earthquakes and volcanoes, understanding how natural forces have an impact on physical and human features. Children have become familiar with the structure of volcanoes and are able to identify key features. In Design and Technology, the children have used their knowledge and understanding to investigate what materials are required to create a variety of unique volcanoes that celebrate their artistic skills. To extend their learning, as a home project, they used various materials such as newspapers, paints, plastic toys, mud as well as different art techniques such as Papier Mache to create a three-dimensional model of a volcano. They were then able to use their model to explain how a volcano is formed and what causes it to erupt using the correct geographical vocabulary.

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