Children Return to School! 8/06/20

All the Nursery children who had returned to school over the last week had shown much enthusiasm and excitement. This early start means that the children will be better prepared for the next academic year as they return to school in September for Reception. 

The Reception children have experienced the new layout in their classroom and have adapted very well. This has given them an insight into what to expect for their transition to Year 1 in September. The main focus in Year 1 has been centred around improving the pupils' creative writing and reading comprehension skills. This will prepare them for their transition into Year 2, where they will complete their end of Key Stage 1 SATs assessment.

As you will agree, this time for Year 6 children is very crucial as they start to prepare their minds for their new adventure in September to Secondary School. While they have been in school this week, they have had  the opportunity to experience and engage in Secondary school related work, enabling them to gain an understanding into what is expected of them through transition activities. This will continue over the next few weeks and by the end of the term, we hope that they will be more prepared for what to expect in September.


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