Battle of Britain Bunker 2/12/19

On Tuesday 19th and Thursday 21st November, the Year 6 children travelled back 79 years to gain a thorough understanding into the plotting to defeat the German air force (Luftwaffe). Alexi, who acted as a vital presence in the control of the aircraft as a plotter, played a significant role in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) as she remained stationed in an operation room with a plotting stick, plotting block and microphone, ready to direct fighter aircrafts against the Luftwaffe! Operation Sealion may have been deferred, but the children’s curiosity only heightened as the Battle of Britain Bunker opened its antiquated doors into history. The children eagerly followed in the footsteps of the fighter controller, imposing commands from a raised platform in the operation room. Fascinated by the communicative processes of the World War II period, the children attentively crowded around an iconic map table where flight paths could be plotted and attacks could be chartered. The children thoroughly enjoyed the journey into the Battle of Britain Bunker and particularly admired the role of the controller who could identify each squadron’s location and their plan of action, allowing him to make some potentially fatal decisions.

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