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  • Easter Fun!

    Easter Fun!


    The children were excited to participate in various easter activities prior to going off on their well-deserved Easter break.

  • Debate Competitions

    Debate Competitions


    Classes in Years 4, 5, 6 participated in a debating competition and challenged each other’s moot points on arguments.

  • World Book Day

    World Book Day


    On Friday 5th March, children across Hewens Primary School celebrated wonderful authors, illustrators and books by taking part in several book-related activities for World Book Day.

  • Watch Them Grow!

    Watch Them Grow!


    This half term, the Reception children are excited to learn all about our new topic, Watch Them Grow.

  • NSPCC Number Day

    NSPCC Number Day


    On Friday 5th February, the children across year groups participated in NSPCC Number Day under the theme ‘Maths is Everywhere!’

  • The Rainforests

    The Rainforests


    The Year 3 children have been exploring the causes and consequences of deforestation of rainforests in Geography.

  • Reproduction in Plants

    Reproduction in Plants


    This term, the Year 5 children are studying ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’ and on Tuesday 26th January, they explored reproduction in plants.

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